Een engelse jongen vroeg mij achter belgische gebruiken. Ik stuurde hem een aflevering van de Kampioenen door. Ik moet al heel de middag met mezelf lachen nu (en ook wel met de engelse Wikipedia-pagina van de Kampioenen.)

The series relies heavily on stereotypical characters and farce for its humour. The story is mainly set around a few members of the football club (Marc and Bieke, Pol and Doortje, Xavier and Carmen) who regularly visit the club canteen before or after a soccer training or match. The canteen is run by Pascale, who is in a relationship with Maurice. The football club is sponsored by the owner of a sausage factory, Balthazar Boma. Next to the field is an antiques shop, owned by the fraudulent Fernand. Most of the episodes are based on misunderstandings or dirty tricks from Fernand (formerly the garage owner Dimitri De Tremmerie or the chef Bernard Theofiel Waterslaeghers).

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